Underrated on-the-go Adventure Foods

Sure, we all love gourmet camp food. But for burning-the-candle-at-both-ends Alaska summers, sometimes you just have to grab and go. Here’s our list of Hit The Store On The Way Out Foods that are underrated in the store, but great on an adventure.

Jiffy Pop. Salty, buttery and fun. What’s not to love? Pull out one of these after a long day and watch people get excited! Kids (and adults) are blown away by the expanding silver orb of goodness. Secure the wire handle to a long sturdy stick to cook it over the campfire (without cooking your hand, too).

Instant Miso Soup. For all those times out on an adventure when you’re tired, wet and cold, there’s miso soup. It’s saved us on long days in the White Mountains, on Adak and a lot of places in between. Just add it to hot water for a warm, hydrating and instantaneous mood lifter. 

Fritos. Say what? Yes, the classic, oddly shaped corn chip makes our list. For a few simple reasons: They're made of just 3 ingredients: corn, oil, salt (though we can’t vouch for their quality) and pack some serious calories. At 160 per ounce, Fritos surpass our minimum criteria for weight conscious expedition planning. They're a great compliment to other camp foods too—crumble and sprinkle on top of bland camp meals to add some extra flavor and crunch.

Chocolate. Bet you didn’t see this coming. While this superfood isn’t actually underrated by many serious outdoor athletes (it’s a go-to for mountaineers and thru-hikers) some adventurists don’t immediately think of it as a trail food. But it’s calorie rich, imminently edible, and uh, chocolate. So be sure you take some on your next adventure (and tag us if it’s part of your #summitcelebration)

PB&J. Protein, carbs, and sugars in one efficient, tasty package! For best results use high-quality nut butter and homemade jam/jelly or honey. The best part? They’re still really good no matter how (inevitably) squished they get. The real question is: triangles or squares?