About Us

Our Mission:

Chugach (pronounced CHEW-gatch) Chocolates hand makes chocolates at the base of the Chugach mountain range in southcentral Alaska. We craft chocolate bars with two overlapping missions:

  1. Making chocolates that taste exceptional. When we create new flavors, if it's not some of the best tasting chocolate in the world, we won’t make it.  
  2. Making chocolates with local ingredients. We use the various Alaskan grown, harvested, or made flavors and products to create our signature chocolate bars. Like our Prince William Sound Sea Salt Bar that we make with Sea Salt from Alaska Saltworks in Anchorage; our AK Birch Toffee Bar that we make with Alaskan Birch syrup from Bridge Creek Birch Company in Homer, AK and Kahiltna Birchworks in Talkeetna; our Kelp and Cayenne Bar that we make with kelp from Barnacle Foods in Juneau; as well as others.

Our History:

Chugach Chocolates began in 2011 by two fourth generation chocolatiering brothers, Marcus and Robert, in the Day Lodge of Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood. Soon after starting the business, Robert moved out of state. In 2016, when Marcus moved out of state, business ownership changed to its current owners, Ryan and Emily. A bit after the purchase, they moved production to a small chocolate factory in Anchorage. In 2020, Chugach Chocolates moved into a newly built, larger chocolate factory in midtown Anchorage.

Us Now:

We’re still getting settled into our new Anchorage chocolate factory, but we have big plans for the future - like tours, chocolate making classes, and a tasting room. We’re also hoping to move at least part of the business back to Girdwood. For now, we’re continuing to focus on making exceptional chocolates with Alaskan flavors and ingredients. Have any ideas, thoughts or comments for us? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch here

Join Our Team:

Although we don't currently have any open positions, we're growing and plan to add roles as we grow. We maintain a list of interested potential team members, which we reference when we do have open positions, and prefer to hire from that list than to list a public help wanted. So, if you're interested in joining our team, please reach out by contacting us here!